Cultural Particularism in Globalized World: Implication of Asabiyyah in a Minority Context

Mohammad Ismath Ramzy


Globalization precedes indigenous cultural particularism while promoting single culture aligning to European nature. Dissolving of indigenous culture has created tension in Muslim minorities. This article, therefore, examines the concept of Asabiyyah of Ibn Khaldun and its implication for the Muslims live in non-Muslim country. The concept of Asabiyyah describes social solidarity by affirming cohesion based on ethnicity and faith. The culture of a community will be protected if Asabiyyah is strong among the members of that community. The researcher studied the methodology of Syed Nursi in protecting cultural solidarity in Turkey from Asabiyyah perspective and examines the prospect of adopting similar procedure to intensification of Asabiyyah among Muslim minority of Sri Lanka.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Globalization, Asabiyyah, Cultural Particularism, Multiculturalism, Ibn Khaldun

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