Categorized Conception of Islamic Legal History of Ibn Khaldun: A Retrospective Paradigm of Legal Cartography

Mohammad Zakaria, Ruhul Amin Rabbani


Crossboundary legal understanding is a masculine device which would help any jurisdiction solve the issue whose position is at odds with that given system. In terms of realizing that understanding, inter alia some theoretical tools function as central players. Among those tools, legal cartography is a very pivotal one which might have triggered the rise of the discipline of comparative jurisprudence in western legal academia in recent decades. In contrast, Islamic corpus juris is seen to have been rich with all those conceptions and beyond centuries before. This paper in adopting doctrinal method, aims to explore Ibn Khaldun’s treatment of diverse legal methodologies of Islamic Law as mapped with their geological hosts in Muqaddimah. This study shows that Ibn Khaldun is an Islamic legal cartographer who by depicting the domain of different doctrinal schools (madhahib) as a cartographic paradigm could have predominated the western jurists and legal academics.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Muqaddimah, Ibn Khaldun, Comparative Jurisprudence, Legal Cartographer, Legal Transplant

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